Transparent and dynamic order planning.

Complete transparency of your machine and personnel capacities
with PerFact Operating Data Acquisition System

Sound familiar?

You no longer have an overview of your order data or resources – you do not have a central platform.

The order status is not as clear as it should be. You are not sure whether you can plan the next order.

Total control and plannability at a glance – with the Operating Data Acquisition System from PerFact.

PerFact has the solution!

  • Integration of existing machine data and entities
  • Automatic recording of the duration of work processes
  • Scanner workflows and automatic feedback reports
  • Clear and summarized presentation

Use your existing resources more efficiently and act with foresight.

PerFact Operating Data Acquisition System provides:

  • Independence from manufacturers
  • Central data storage
  • Live access and acquisition
  • Transparency and clarity

How it works:

  • The orders coming in via the ERP system are used for production planning, production control and work preparation.

  • Scanner-based acquisition and feedback of goods movements and production progress.

  • Evaluation and visualisation of the acquired data.

Highly efficient with PerFact Operating Data Acquisition System

» With the PerFact::PSA, it is possible to automatically and accurately record data such as weights, quantities and times, as well as make transfers in the inventory management system. Therefore, PerFact::PSA makes an important contribution to satisfying the comprehensive requirements on quality, reliability and traceability in pharmaceuticals manufacturing. «

Dr. Torsten Brand
Deputy Director, Quality Assurance
L-A-W Services GmbH

Added value for you:

  • Clear overview of the operating data, which can be filtered
  • Complete, detailed logging of all activities
  • Integration of existing control units into one platform
  • Cross-system interfaces thanks to open standards

PerFact Operating Data Acquisition System